Hi, I'm Susan

I’m a creative person. I love to read, learn something new, gain inspiration from others, or put the first brush to a blank canvas. But my creativity also includes a way with words, and I love helping writers make theirs the best they can be.

It’s your writing, and I’ll work with you to achieve your goals. Not only with standard grammar and editing rules, but through my dedication to preserving your unique style—even if we need to break a rule or two. You decide how you want to write, and we’ll make it shine together.

I live on a small farm with a flock of chickens, a rather disagreeable goose, an assortment of four-legged furry friends, and my hubby. He is trying to teach me how to fish and row a boat. How do you turn a boat with those two oars, anyway? Remember that inspiration I mentioned? Thanks to some terrific writer friends and our farmstead menagerie, I am now an editor inspired to write my first book.

"I highly recommend Susan and Fine Line Proofs. She is pleasant and professional."
—Lynn Hesse

An editing professional…

Reap the rewards of quality editing when you work with a knowledgeable editor. No judgements. You will never feel like your writing voice or style is being changed. I won’t be criticizing your words, only acting as an advocate for the reader’s understanding and enjoyment. I offer my proofreading and editing suggestions in a kind, clear manner, and you will have access to me at any time to address questions or concerns.

…and a proofreading partner.

I respect the high value you place on your hard work, as well as protect your privacy. Your soul is on those pages, but you’re words are in good hands. I will provide honest feedback, and we’ll collaborate on how to present your writing to readers in the most attractive way. Our proofreading partnership will be invaluable to producing the quality content or elegantly written manuscript you desire. Experience the freedom of an editing assistant helping you polish your words. Visit my Services page, and I’ll show you how.

"I'll gladly speak with anyone considering your services. They will get my highest recommendation for your editing."

Let's get to know each other.