Fine Line Proofs

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"Susan did an excellent job proofreading my book. I couldn't recommend her more!"
—Rambert Wolf

It's still your writing, just a bit better.



Eliminate the tedious editing of your manuscript or revising business content on your own. You can feel comfortable that Fine Line Proofs will listen and work with you to edit your writing quickly and professionally.

Your business clients will appreciate the quick turnaround, and readers will notice your effort to create a quality reading experience.

It’s important to me that you remain involved in the editing process from start to finish. I want you to feel comfortable and any questions or concerns will be my priority.

Let’s ready your manuscript for publishing or polish your business content.

"She saved me and I made my deadline."
—Lynn Hesse
award-winning author

Professional and precise content.

You're happy with your content, it's well-organized, and your evidence backs up your argument. But don't stop there, a thorough read-through with a trained editor can make it great. Let’s make your writing complete, concise, and entertaining to readers, but not break the bank.

A quality reading experience.

Even if you self-edit your work, a proofread is invaluable to 'just make sure' before you publish. You are deep into your writing, and you may not see something that's 'off' like a trained editor will. A proofreader ensures that the message is clear and free from any annoyances to your readers. You want those five-star reviews!

Determine your needs.