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“You can’t fail if you don’t quit. You can’t succeed if you don’t start.” — Michael Hyatt

An editing partnership.

Editing on your own is tough, but as a team, we can bounce ideas back and forth to help you find the perfect way to share your writing with readers. They are going to love that you want to offer them an excellent reading experience.

That perfect fit.

Is the “perfect editor match” on your to-do list? I offer a sample edit to help you on your search. You want an editor who “gets you” and your writing. I’ll make sure your writing stays the way you want it as well as grammatically correct. 

A few of the projects I’ve worked on or assisted with this year. 

A return to sea and the white man’s world, fraught with danger and fighting, is Sagonige’s fate. The unpredictability of these times is constant. For Sagonige, love is won and lost … and another found in the most unlikely of places …

—copyedit with thewordverve

In this all-new riveting thriller from a #1 Amazon and International Bestselling author, Jack Whitfield faces the challenge of his lifetime—and the world's most notorious terrorist.

—proofread for thewordverve

During exploration of the wreckage of a 15th-century Dutch ship on an Australian reef, archaeologist Jami Laramie becomes embroiled in mishaps, misunderstandings, and the antics of one saucy but handsome shipmate.

—as copyeditor with thewordverve

Porter Leighton is moving. Moving away from a history and heartache that she can’t reconcile. Moving toward what she hopes will be a lighter, brighter future. But can she move fast enough to avoid the collision of the past with her present?

—proofread with thewordverve

A few thousand years ago I stumbled on something. I could change reality. Not change it so much, but steal it, really. Switch a piece of another universe with a piece of ours. The world was like a jigsaw puzzle. 

 Twin brothers, East London’s most fearsome villains, move to commandeer some of the most notable bands in history by any means necessary.

These are the Hit Makers.

—copyedit with thewordverve

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