Editing and proofreading are key to quality writing.

An editing assistant will make sure it's still your writing—just a bit better.

"Susan did an excellent job proofreading my book. I couldn't recommend her more!"
—Rambert Wolf

Find the proofreader or editor who "gets you."

Imagine…  an editing assistant.

A friend and confidant who offers open, honest suggestions, encourages and guides you through the whole writing, editing, and proofreading process—by scrutinizing your writing and making it the absolute best it can be—quickly and professionally. Fine Line Proofs can help you get comfortable with the editing process.

Business clients will be wowed by clear, concise content that speaks directly to customers. Readers will understand and enjoy your story because of your dedication to eliminate any possible errors that could distract from their reading experience.

Are you skeptical about whether a proofreader or editor is necessary? You’re wondering if you will benefit from hiring one? Here’s the deal. You want those great reviews and to sell books. Offering a quality product is how you achieve that.

Your success is my goal. For that reason, editing and proofreading your project as a team is my priority. Grab a coffee or tea. Let’s discuss how we’re going to make your book great.

"She saved me and I made my deadline."
—Lynn Hesse
award-winning author

Editing is essential for clarity and style.

Are you happy with your content, clear about how you want to say it? Do you prefer to do your own editing? Don't stop there. A comprehensive read-through by an editor can make it great. Clarity and style are paramount to quality writing. Let go of the worry that an editor will criticize you or your writing. A final edit and proofread will transform your words and make them as good as they can be... maybe a bit better.

Proofreading guarantees a positive business image.

You’ve written the final word of your content... done and done. Not just yet. Proofreading is essential to the writing process, and a vital part of creating fine written work. A proofreader's language knowledge goes above and beyond grammar, though. Don't confuse a reader with wording or grammar errors. Proofreaders can clear up misunderstandings, avoid lack of interest, and ensure that your message is clear.

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