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Editing will make your words the best they can be.

Quality line editing, copyediting, and proofreading services for writers. I edit fiction and non-fiction.

All genres accepted. I only request no horror or anything too spicy.

"I'll never publish another manuscript without Fine Line Proofs editing it first."

Let's cut to the chase... Cost.

A good starting point is a penny a word.

This gives you a starting point before we discuss your needs for your project.

My pricing reflects what your manuscript needs after I evaluate it. Think of it this way—you wouldn’t buy a house without carefully looking it over, right? You don’t know how much work it may need.

Any editing you can do before I see your manuscript helps you save time and money.

Please ask me about payment plans to ease any financial worry.

Line Edit

Line editing or (line-editing) polishes your ideas and how you present them so your audience can more easily understand what you are saying.

Can also be called ‘stylistic’ editing. But this is not developmental editing.


Copy Edit

Addresses grammar, usage, clarity, and consistency (not changing your style or story and only to ‘tweak’ here or there.) Corrects continuity issues in your story and ensures your manuscript is free of technical problems that could trip up readers.                        



Final check of formatting, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. A good polish-up and the ‘last look’ before you publish. A more detailed read-through and better than any computer generated spell-check can do.

The best way to groom your writing to look its absolute best.                                                         


Copyedit/Proofread Pkg

This saves you time and money by completing both edits at one time.  If you have already completed initial editing, this is an ideal and affordable way to polish your novel and prepare for publishing.


Sample Edit

I offer a one-on-one consultation and an edit of 1,000 words. This will include suggestions designed specifically to help you see your writing from the reader’s perspective.

I like this first step to be open, positive communication between both of us. Think of it like having lunch with a friend. We can ask questions, get to know each other, and maybe you find the editor that “gets you” and your style and what you want for your writing.

What an ideal way to start your editing journey off on the right foot!
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Business & Academic

I also edit marketing content, website, blog, in-house training materials, and emails.

"What kind of editing do I need?"

You’re on your first draft and still creating your story. You’re working on the plot, characters, or themes, and you will benefit from a developmental editor. They will look at the story as a whole and see how all the story components work together.

A copyeditor will make sure your content is consistent, and the proofreader will ensure that grammar, punctuation, and spelling—all the little details to make it professional—will be scrutinized.

If you’re wondering whether your story will connect with readers, or marketing content catches a buyer’s eye, consider a line editor before getting a copyedit or proofread. A line editor will go line by line through your text to ensure clarity so that your audience understands.

Whether you overwrite or underwrite, all writing can be improved through cutting filler words, tightening sentences, reducing dialogue tags, and combining (or eliminating) weak scenes or characters.

Invest in your writing.

It’s your professional reputation.